Part IV

Wednesday Dec. 28th 2011

Day 3

5:30am– Wake up and try to make up for our lost day before. Set a lofty goal of reaching Dawn’s Aunt & Uncle in Hagerstown, MD.

7:15am– Warm up the truck and scrape the ice off the windshield inside and out. Leave Crossville, TN.

7:35am– We cross over to EST!! Woohoo! Making good time, with no wind and seeing the sun for the first time on our trip!

9:34am– Moseying through Knoxville

10:00am– Time for some caffeine, and defrost our numb toes.

11:37am– Finally cross into Virginia. Who thought it would take 3 days to get here?

12:25pm– Starting to get some weird looks from passing cars. A Texas plated food truck driving unsteady in the lane. We start to wave at them.

2:10pm– For a change we eat at Subway to make ourselves feel better about not eating junk.

3:55pm– Traffic comes to a crawl for the next 15miles. Roanoke is within grasp.

4:10pm– I look over and I think Dawn is having a photo shoot be herself.

5:05pm– Think we just got passed by the 80th truck this journey.

6:00pm– It’s getting dark and below freezing. We drive into Harrisonburg, VA and call it a day.

6:35pm– We park the truck at Chic-Fil-A and walk over to a Chinese restaurant. Exhaustion is definitely setting in and I think the people next to us must think we are on something, because we can’t stop laughing. I have to go outside to stop the giggles.

7pm– Check in at a Best Western and they want us to describe our vehicle. Here is how the conversation went.

Front Desk Lady: “Do you know the license plate number?”

Us: “No, but it’s a Texas plate and it’s a big catering truck”

Front desk Lady: “Well can you describe the vehicle?”

Us: “Ummm, It’s big, about 23 ft long… it’s mostly white….It’s pretty huge. You can’t miss it”

Front Desk Lady(rolling her eyes): “I need more than that, but you can park it in the back.”

We are pretty sure she could see the truck from the front desk. Oh, well I guess the southern hospitality is done.

8pm– Lights out.  887 miles down, 260 miles to go!

Part III

Tuesday Dec. 27th 2011

Day 2

6:00am– Alarm goes off.

7:10am– Dawn finally crawls out of bed expecting it to be earlier…but apparently I turned off the phone instead of hitting snooze. Oops!

7:55am– Get ready, eat some breakfast and watch the news hoping for better weather.

8:35am– Pack up the truck and start moving. Look at this thief…..oh wait that’s me.

9:45am– Pull into the gas station and fill up. Think to myself that now would be a good idea to check if the e-brake works….I look over to Dawn and she gives me the “what are you up to” look as I press the brake.

10:00am– Finally figure out that the e-brake won’t release. So I just grab the e-brake lever,  manually pull it back and hope for the best.

12:30pm– Stop for lunch and see that the weather is getting worse.

1:50pm– Dawn is frantically checking the weather on our new favorite website- The wind is picking up and we are driving into the wind storm.  It starts to snow…. you’ve got to be kidding.

2:10pm– We stop to warm up, and get some caffeine at McDonald’s (We would have loved to have used our Starbucks gift card that we got for Christmas, but we didn’t see a single Starbucks till much later in our trip. Apparently, Starbucks has no love for AR or TN.) I don’t think we have eaten that much junk food in such a short time.  We check the weather and see an advisory for trucks to not drive if they don’t have to. That’s enough warning for us to call it a day.

3:30pm– After checking into a hotel, we drive to Walmart to replace our dying headlight. All I can say is that the people are much friendlier than up north. The guy in front of us was chatting up a storm with the cashier and probably took 10mins to check out 5 items.

6:15pm– On the recommendation of the hotel staff we eat at a nearby Mexican joint. We both order some much needed adult beverages. Dawn goes for the “BEST MARGARITA IN THE WORLD” which was Ginormous! I am getting very discouraged by our lack of progress and get indigestion.

8:40pm– After pigging out, wte decide to take advantage of the hotel hot tub after an exhausting day.  I jump in the hot tub in my shorts as Dawn dips her feet in. Definitely a perk for being a guy….no need to cover anything north of my belly button =)

9:20pm– Off to bed.  463 miles down, 683 miles to go.