East Goshen Farmers Market

The clouds and the rain storms couldn’t keep us from making our way to East Goshen Farmers Market last thursday. But the clouds rolled on through without incident and ended up with a fantastic sunny day! Service started a few mins behind schedule but once we opened it was a constant stream of people and we held out as long as we could and finally sold out little after 6pm. All we can say is that we had an awesome time and hope the people that came out had as good of a time as we did. Hopefully we will be back before too long!

Summer Transition

We made it through our first 2 months (and 18 days) of existence! We’ve had a blast and in the process had our share of learning/growing pains. We are certain there will be lots more, but for now we look forward to what the summer has in store for us.

Currently, we will be at East Goshen Farmers Market a few times throughout the summer along with Wholefoods Farmers Market in Devon. We are also working to get into a few more and will post them on the website as they come.