Ka”Chi was featured in Bucks Life magazine and the article was recently posted online. We wanted to share that article with you to read a little bit more about us and some of the other local food trucks you might want to check out.

Coming to a Corner Near You

As food trucks finally begin to gain traction along the Main Line, we peer into a few of the most magnetic of the cramped kitchens for a taste of their ingredient-driven, meticulously-prepared innovations.

By Mike Madaio


Food trucks are a true sign of the times: Talented, uncompromising chefs determined to make a name for themselves in spite of their lack of resources. But the trucks aren’t a product of the times. They date back to the Wild West, when chuckwagons fed cowboys and remote workers. As America urbanized, food trucks sprang up in the center of the activity and catered to blue-collar workers in need of a fast, cheap lunch.

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