Our menu is subject to change, but the items below give you an idea of what you might see at the truck.

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Choice of Protein, sauce, and signature red cabbage slaw. Served on corn tortilla.


  • Make your own- Choice of protein, red cabbage slaw, sauce, over white rice or mixed greens
  • Seoul bowl: Spam, caramelized onion, white rice, choice of sauce and topped with a fried egg

Other Options

  • Sliders:
    • Chicken Banh-Mi Style, PBLT (Pork Belly, lettuce, and tomato), Kimchi and Spam, Spicy Pulled Pork, Philly Pork Style, Bibimbap
  • Sloppy Cho’s: spicy ground meat and veggies with house-made pickles and slaw
  • Grilled Kimcheese
  • Cheesesteak: Ribeye smothered in a blend of cheese served with sauteed onions on a 6″ roll
  • Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps: (not between a bun but between lettuce) bulgogi, white rice, crisp lettuce and      seasoned soy bean paste to make your own lettuce wraps
  • Chicken skewers: grilled soy-ginger marinated chicken on skewers with pickled veggies and slaw
  • Spicy pulled pork over cornbread
  • Soba Noodles: buckwheat noodles with assorted veggies in a spicy pepper or ginger soy sauce
  • Japchae: vermicelli noodles, sesame oil, sauteed veggies, egg, and Bulgogi

From the fryer

  • Fried Kimchi Rice Balls: house made kimchi, blend of cheeses, rice, sesame seeds, and scallions rolled in Panko
  • Kimcheese Fries: house made kimchi with melted cheese and sauteed onions on top of crunchy fries
Protein Choices (Upon availability) Choice of Sauce
Bulgogi (sweet, soy marinated beef) Ka’Chi Sauce
Soy- Ginger Chicken
Daegi Bulgogi- Spicy Pork Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
Tofu- Spicy or Soy Lime (when available) Pineapple Habanero Sauce

All sauces and marinades are made fresh from scratch. Sauces are available for purchase by the bottle. Please contact us!

*All of our marinades for our meats contain soy sauce which has gluten. Unfortunately, this makes many of our items NOT gluten-free.