Welcome to Ka’Chi Truck

Winter Market

Just in case you didn”t know, we are part of the Artisan Exchange Indoor Market in West Chester! The new market opened up few weeks back and has been buzzing ever since. Indoors you will find local baked goods, chocolate, cheese, fresh pasta, pops and much more! Come by and check it out one of these Saturdays 10-2pm at 208 Carter Dr West Chester, PA. We will be kicking it outside with Lulu”s Cafe and Dia Doce for your lunch/dessert options!


Chester County Restaurant Festival

Mark your calendar for this Sunday to be at the Chester County Restaurant Festival in WC! We are making our debut appearance to the revamped event. It’s going to be bigger than ever as you can roam around Gay AND Market St this year. We are excited to be serving you our Korean grub, so come find us at the corner of Market & Church St. See you on Sunday! Don’t forget to vote for our Short Rib Tacos in the Town Dish contest, come to the truck for more info!

Summer coming to a close….

Wow, is it just us or did the summer fly by? Or were we in a coma the past few months from the heat melting our brain? Nonetheless, as hot as it was, we had a great summer as we got to roam around Chester county, lost some water weight, ventured into Philly and met some really awesome people. Some of you have seen us at the events we were at this summer such as Vintage Garage Sale, Swingin Summer Thursday, Good Neighbor Day, and Night Market and we thank you for coming out to support us in the heat! Even though the summer is almost over with schools back in session as of tomorrow, we will be active in attending events leading into the fall. So keep your eyes peeled as we update our truck schedule on a week to week basis. Few events on the horizon are: DTown Fall Fest, Philly Bike Expo, East Goshen Farmers Market, West Chester Restaurant Festival and more! And of course we are excited to be back to serve WCU students and staff for the 2012-2013 school year!

Name Our Truck!

So it has come to our attention that we don”t have a name for our beloved truck! I guess we have been calling it a few nicknames here and there like Bessie, and Bertha. But like all great vehicles of transportation we thought she should get a proper name. That”s where you come in. Help us come up with a name for her! The name can be food related but it doesn”t have to be. Just as long as we can pronounce it, not make us embarrassed to say in front of our grandparents and legal to possibly print it on a shirt, we should be ok! Go to our facebook page and comment on the thread that we started or start your own!

My name is…..

Night Market Philly- Mt. Airy

We are excited to be part of the next Night Market this year, hosted by The Food Trust and Mt. Airy, USA! The next one will be held on August 16th at Mt. Airy 6-10:30pm. There”s gonna be tons of great trucks to eat from so mark your calendar, grab your friends and come get some!

Sauces anyone?

For the last few weeks we have been getting request to sell our sauces. After much deliberation we have decided to bottle them up! For now you can email us through the website and place your orders. They will come in 1 pint mason jars $5 each.

Your choice of sauce: Tomatillo/Ka’Chi Sauce/Chipotle/Gochujang/Persimmon Habanero.


Here is our first customer George!


Ka’Chi’s first outing in Philadelphia

It’s been a few weeks but we wanted to recap our night market evening.

After trucking into philly and almost getting lost, we set up shop at our spot next to Zea May’s truck and near the Sweet Box Truck. 6 o’clock rolled around and we opened our doors to a line of people waiting to give us a try. It was a super busy night but we had an awesome time serving and meeting new people. Thank you to all that waited in line for us and hope it was worth the wait. We will be back for the Night Market in Mt. Airy on Aug. 16!


night market

 Open for service

Done and going home!


Night Market Philly- Washington Ave & 9th

Who’s hungry and wants to take a drive into Philly? We will be making our first appearance in Philadelphia on June 28th to Night Market Philly!  Ka’Chi truck along with 60 other vendors will be serving up some grub from 6pm-10pm. So bring a few friends and come enjoy a night on the town!