Welcome to Ka’Chi Truck

At the Car…Truck Wash

The weather has been really nice so we decided to give the truck a little bath and clean things out.

Now that its cleaned out, lets get cooking!

Vintage Garage Sale


Come check out this cool new event in WC!! Just imagine taking Instagram pics of REAL Vintage stuff! Craziness!

East Goshen Farmers Market

The clouds and the rain storms couldn’t keep us from making our way to East Goshen Farmers Market last thursday. But the clouds rolled on through without incident and ended up with a fantastic sunny day! Service started a few mins behind schedule but once we opened it was a constant stream of people and we held out as long as we could and finally sold out little after 6pm. All we can say is that we had an awesome time and hope the people that came out had as good of a time as we did. Hopefully we will be back before too long!

Summer Transition

We made it through our first 2 months (and 18 days) of existence! We’ve had a blast and in the process had our share of learning/growing pains. We are certain there will be lots more, but for now we look forward to what the summer has in store for us.

Currently, we will be at East Goshen Farmers Market a few times throughout the summer along with Wholefoods Farmers Market in Devon. We are also working to get into a few more and will post them on the website as they come.


Truck Location

Our truck will be on West Chester Campus (Church St and Rosedale) until the second week of May.

Opening Day! (3/3/12)

Here are the pics from our opening day. Our good friend took the pictures and they came out great. Enjoy!

Find us on Facebook and @kachitruck

Cooked and ready to go!

Our made from scratch sauces

Or you can call us!

Making some Grilled Kimcheese

Happy customers!

Part V

Thursday Dec. 29th 2011

Last Day

8:59am– Up and on the road!

9:45am– Bit overcast and noticeably colder. They are calling for snow so we are determined to get home.

10:10am– West Virginia!

10:36am– After the short visit in WV, make it into Maryland!

11:00am– Time to warm up and get a dose of caffeine at Chic-fil-A. Put on some extra layers before we take off. Yeah that’s right, sweatpants over jeans!

11:34am– Pennsylvania Baby! Pretty sure I’ve never been happier to be back in PA

12:45pm– Stop at Sheetz for lunch and look outside to see it starting to snow.

1:31pm– Couldn’t reach the ticket to get onto the turnpike, so Dawn had to run out around the truck to get the ticket.

2:00pm– Things are starting to look a lot more familiar.  Putting the pedal down, so close, so close…

3:11pm– Get off our exit and can’t be happier to be back in PA.

3:25pm– Park the truck and fist pump, high five, kiss the ground and run around the truck. Well, maybe not quite like that exactly but close. Now to unpack and defrost Dawn’s frozen finger.

1141 miles down, Zero to go!


Part IV

Wednesday Dec. 28th 2011

Day 3

5:30am– Wake up and try to make up for our lost day before. Set a lofty goal of reaching Dawn’s Aunt & Uncle in Hagerstown, MD.

7:15am– Warm up the truck and scrape the ice off the windshield inside and out. Leave Crossville, TN.

7:35am– We cross over to EST!! Woohoo! Making good time, with no wind and seeing the sun for the first time on our trip!

9:34am– Moseying through Knoxville

10:00am– Time for some caffeine, and defrost our numb toes.

11:37am– Finally cross into Virginia. Who thought it would take 3 days to get here?

12:25pm– Starting to get some weird looks from passing cars. A Texas plated food truck driving unsteady in the lane. We start to wave at them.

2:10pm– For a change we eat at Subway to make ourselves feel better about not eating junk.

3:55pm– Traffic comes to a crawl for the next 15miles. Roanoke is within grasp.

4:10pm– I look over and I think Dawn is having a photo shoot be herself.

5:05pm– Think we just got passed by the 80th truck this journey.

6:00pm– It’s getting dark and below freezing. We drive into Harrisonburg, VA and call it a day.

6:35pm– We park the truck at Chic-Fil-A and walk over to a Chinese restaurant. Exhaustion is definitely setting in and I think the people next to us must think we are on something, because we can’t stop laughing. I have to go outside to stop the giggles.

7pm– Check in at a Best Western and they want us to describe our vehicle. Here is how the conversation went.

Front Desk Lady: “Do you know the license plate number?”

Us: “No, but it’s a Texas plate and it’s a big catering truck”

Front desk Lady: “Well can you describe the vehicle?”

Us: “Ummm, It’s big, about 23 ft long… it’s mostly white….It’s pretty huge. You can’t miss it”

Front Desk Lady(rolling her eyes): “I need more than that, but you can park it in the back.”

We are pretty sure she could see the truck from the front desk. Oh, well I guess the southern hospitality is done.

8pm– Lights out.  887 miles down, 260 miles to go!