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Part III

Tuesday Dec. 27th 2011

Day 2

6:00am– Alarm goes off.

7:10am– Dawn finally crawls out of bed expecting it to be earlier…but apparently I turned off the phone instead of hitting snooze. Oops!

7:55am– Get ready, eat some breakfast and watch the news hoping for better weather.

8:35am– Pack up the truck and start moving. Look at this thief…..oh wait that’s me.

9:45am– Pull into the gas station and fill up. Think to myself that now would be a good idea to check if the e-brake works….I look over to Dawn and she gives me the “what are you up to” look as I press the brake.

10:00am– Finally figure out that the e-brake won’t release. So I just grab the e-brake lever,  manually pull it back and hope for the best.

12:30pm– Stop for lunch and see that the weather is getting worse.

1:50pm– Dawn is frantically checking the weather on our new favorite website- wunderground.com. The wind is picking up and we are driving into the wind storm.  It starts to snow…. you’ve got to be kidding.

2:10pm– We stop to warm up, and get some caffeine at McDonald’s (We would have loved to have used our Starbucks gift card that we got for Christmas, but we didn’t see a single Starbucks till much later in our trip. Apparently, Starbucks has no love for AR or TN.) I don’t think we have eaten that much junk food in such a short time.  We check the weather and see an advisory for trucks to not drive if they don’t have to. That’s enough warning for us to call it a day.

3:30pm– After checking into a hotel, we drive to Walmart to replace our dying headlight. All I can say is that the people are much friendlier than up north. The guy in front of us was chatting up a storm with the cashier and probably took 10mins to check out 5 items.

6:15pm– On the recommendation of the hotel staff we eat at a nearby Mexican joint. We both order some much needed adult beverages. Dawn goes for the “BEST MARGARITA IN THE WORLD” which was Ginormous! I am getting very discouraged by our lack of progress and get indigestion.

8:40pm– After pigging out, wte decide to take advantage of the hotel hot tub after an exhausting day.  I jump in the hot tub in my shorts as Dawn dips her feet in. Definitely a perk for being a guy….no need to cover anything north of my belly button =)

9:20pm– Off to bed.  463 miles down, 683 miles to go.


Part II

OK, so it’s been a little while since we got back from getting our truck. We meant to post something up sooner but lets just blame some of it on laziness and a million things that sprung up on us that made us deviate from that plan. But fear not! we kept a detailed log of our trek from Philadelphia to Chicago to Little Rock and our painfully slow crawl back up to PA.

Monday Dec. 26th 2011

3:15am- Wake up and head for the airport

5am- Arrive at the airport only to find 40 other people that thought it would be a good idea to fly out early the day after Christmas….all on United Airlines. Boo that.

6am- Plane leaves on time and leaves us behind…just kidding. After stripping down and clearing through security, we make it on the plane with time to spare.

7:10am- Land in Chicago and head straight to get us some Nut’s on Clark! Yummy deliciousness of salty sweet.

7:59am- After having our departing gate changed on us multiple times, we finally leave for Little Rock, AR. Time for a quick shut eye.

10:12am- Finally get to Little Rock and meet up with our friend Chico who takes us to the truck. On the way over to the truck, Chico keeps repeating “I feel for you guys, I really feel for you guys….” We didn’t really understand why he kept saying that so much. How hard could it be driving a vehicle for a few days through the Appalachian Mountain?

11:05am- We get a quick run down of the truck, shake hands, load our luggage and are on our way!

11:06am- It starts to rain. I look over to Dawn who is sitting on the jumper seat and I have one of those “what did I just get myself into?” feeling. If you didn’t know it already, these food trucks are not designed for high speed travel. Nor are they made to be driven 1,140 miles. I realize this is going to be a very loooong trip and want to cry.

1pm- After battling the rain and semi’s flying past you at 80 mph (which creates a good amount of wind) we stop for a quick pit stop.

1:25pm- Beginning to realize what Chico was saying earlier in the day.

2:20pm- Made it to Memphis, Tennessee!

2:30pm- We stop for lunch and a much needed break. My hands are cramping up (because I am gripping the steering wheel so dang hard) and my shoulders are on fire because I am trying to steady the truck from it’s quirky handling.  By quirky I mean there is 1-2 inch of play in the steering.

3:30pm- I am truly scared to drive this thing.

5:50pm– Still driving. Chico’s words are haunting me now.

7:11pm- Drove as far as my body will let me. It’s getting dark and cold. Oh did I mention the heater doesn’t really work on this puppy? We check into a nearby Holiday Inn which is located right next to Loretta Lynn Ranch! (I had no idea who is was but apparently she is/was famous)

9pm- We are tired, full, and my poor little butt cheeks are sore. 292 miles down, 848 miles to go.


Tortilla Search

After coming up with our menu, we realized that tortillas would be used a good amount. So we didn’t wanted to ruin it with some cheap tasting tortilla. At first, we thought it would be a sweet idea to make our own! but after our enthusiasm wore off a little we put that silly idea to rest and decided to buy them instead. Here’s the two that we tired.

La Banderita– The generic tortilla. It wasn’t bad but you could taste a little too much flour for our liking and it broke apart too easily.  Again, we didn’t mind it but it wasn’t anything special.

La Tortilla Factory- It had a homemade taste to it, which we liked. It’s much more hearty and doesn’t crumble and rip as you eat it. We might start with this brand.



Part 1

It’s 7:15pm on Christmas night, and we filled up our bellies with turkey and pies. Now to wake up in the ungodly hour at 3am to get to the airport and fly out to Chicago for the first leg of our trip to get our truck! We’ll chronicle our journey back to PA as best as we can!

Sitting Waiting Wishing…

Thought this was the appropriate title as we are sitting here listening to Jack Johnson. We are still waiting on our truck to come up to West Chester from Texas because there a few kinks to work out before the Ka’Chi truck makes its 1,459-mile trek up North. We are running a little behind schedule but still wish to be open sometime in mid-January.

Soaking up the rays in Texas!

New truck is going to be Sweet!

We have been working with the fine folks from Denron Sign Company in Downingtown. This is how the truck will look like after we wrap that puppy!

pure green coffee

Excited to begin serving WCU

We are Ka’Chi Truck and are very excited to start serving WCU students in 2012!