It seems as though we only update our blog once in a blue moon! And Yes, We have definitely not shown enough love for our website. Sorry guys! We’ll try and do better.

Let’s see.. a lot has happened since 2014. We opened and closed a spot in Booths Corner Farmers Market location. We decided to move on from the physical location to focus on our truck. We also had an addition to the Ka’Chi Home Team by the name of Ellia back in Dec 2014 and Amos this past Nov.

We are once again on the move, and looking to see if we can find a way to settle down and find a permanent home for the business. And if that wasn’t enough, I have gotten my real estate license! On quick side note, I almost became an agent right out of college. Who knows, if that were to have happened our beloved truck might not have come to fruition, and we would have missed out on this incredible journey that we are on. So good thing we started the truck first haha. Now just imagine all the open houses catered with the Ka’Chi Truck! Korean Tacos and Fried Riceballs for days!!

And as always, if you have a catering need for a private event etc, please contact us before the season is done!

Thanks for reading this rant of an update, and keep an eye out for us  as our busy season rolls around in Sept and Oct!

-Ka’Chi Team